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Computational Scientist


Contribute to the development of a novel medical instrument for use in molecular diagnostics.  Develop and validate computational models for the quantification of DNA using PCR and capillary electrophoresis.  Develop algorithms and user interfaces for the analysis and visualization of electropherograms and PCR amplification data.  Employ models of DNA thermodynamics in the design of assays to optimize the reaction chemistry.  Utilize high performance computing techniques to accelerate algorithms.
Perform statistical analysis of experimental results to characterize artifacts and provide feedback on the design of the instrument and assays.  Consult on statistical analysis of clinical data.  Work closely with the assay development team to ensure that statistical best practices are used in the design and analysis of experiments.

MS or Ph.D in computational biology/chemistry, bioinformatics, statistics, mathematics, or physics
5+ years software development experience
3+ years of Java software development, including data visualization interfaces
5+ years experience in scientific or medical data analysis for experimental assays
Excellent cross-disciplinary communication skills

The candidate should have broad knowledge of molecular biology methods and computational models as well as in-depth knowledge and experience with at least one platform used for molecular analysis (e.g. gene expression, genotyping, DNA sequencing, or Mass spectrometry).  The candidate should also have experience with complete application lifecycle development and demonstrated competence in software engineering.   Experience with formal design control procedures is desirable.

About PrimeraDx
PrimeraDx is dedicated to the emerging field of molecular diagnostics. The company is developing multiplexed, quantitative and cost effective assays using its proprietary STAR technology implemented on the ICEPlex instrument platform.  STAR combines quantitative PCR with the ability to multiplex up to 60 targets in a single sample.  The Company’s initial products are for infectious disease management. PrimeraDx plans to extend its focus into oncology to support cancer therapy management through diagnostic, prognostic, staging and therapeutic monitoring.

Interested candidates should send their resume to [email protected] and include the code SW0701 in the email Subject line.


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