ICEPlex is an automated high throughput, high multiplex, molecular testing system based on STAR technology.  A stand-alone bench-top analyzer, it is capable of running up to 96 samples (including controls) and reporting on up to 60 targets in each in under 4 hrs. Because of the high level of multiplex enabled by STAR, multiple standards and calibrants are included in each sample along with primers for the intended targets. These are employed to enable highly reliable and sensitive detection of targets and accurate quantitative determinations of target load.
Operation is simple and complete analyses proceed without operator participation. The operator introduces a PCR plate populated with prepared samples into the instrument along with a disposable analysis tray. After closing the lid and selecting start, the internal robotic platform performs PCR thermal cycling and interleaved capillary electrophoretic detection. Software independently controls and monitors instrument function, and analyzes the data to provide completed determinations at the end of a run.
With the extraordinary sensitivity of PCR, carryover contamination can be a concern. To address this, the ICEPlex carries out a run within an internal analysis enclosure using only the freshly introduced sample plate and disposable analysis tray. The covers and surfaces of the analysis enclosure are designed to permit easy precautionary decontamination with a simple wipe down. The capillary electrophoresis cartridge is provided with an idle position to keep the capillaries conditioned and for automated decontamination between runs.
Routine maintenance is simple and intended to be performed by the operator following a software wizard. It comprises periodic wipe-downs, replenishment of on-board consumable fluids, and periodic replacement of the Capillary Electrophoresis cartridge. 

STAR technology and ICEPlex bring a new and unprecedented level of ease of use, richness of information, and thruput to molecular testing.

ICEPlex is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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