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PrimeraDx Awarded 4th Patent Covering STAR Technology

Patent Enables Measurement of Complex Gene Signatures in a Single Tube Reaction

Mansfield, MA — October 5, 2009 — PrimeraDx, Inc., a privately held molecular diagnostics company, announced today that it has received its fourth patent. The patent, entitled “Methods and systems for dynamic gene expression profiling”, with inventor Vladimir Slepnev, Ph.D., describes a novel method of quantitative analysis of gene expression allowing simultaneous interrogation of multiple genes in a single tube reaction. The invention provides methods and compositions for transcription profiling of multiple samples enabling the identification of differentially expressed genes and their quantitative assessment. The patented process allows identification of disease-associated changes in gene expression signatures making it broadly applicable for assaying panels of diagnostic biomarkers. "The receipt of this patent strengthens our estate by adding key protection in the area of quantitative multiplexed analysis of gene expression. It enables, from a single tube reaction, the measurement of complex gene signatures that will play a major role in future cancer diagnostics”, said Martin L. Verhoef, president and chief executive officer of PrimeraDx, Inc.

About PrimeraDx

PrimeraDx is dedicated to the fast-growing field of molecular diagnostics. The Company is developing a unique automated platform for quantitative multiplexed assays using its proprietary STAR technology implemented on the ICEPlex™ instrument. The integrated platform provides a cost-effective, “walk-away” solution compatible with existing work flows in diagnostic laboratories. The Company’s initial products are for infectious disease management. PrimeraDx plans to extend its focus into oncology to support personalized cancer therapy management through diagnostic, prognostic, staging and therapeutic monitoring.

Martin Verhoef
President & CEO
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