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  1. Scalable Transcriptional Analysis Routine Multiplexed Q_PCR Platform for Gene Expression Analysis and Molecular Diagnostics. J Mol Diag 7_444_2005
  2. Multiplex PCR and Emerging Technologies for the Detection of Respiratory Pathogens Clin Infect Dis. (2011) 52(suppl 4): S326-S330 →
  3. Automated high multiplex PCR platform for simultaneous detection and quantification of multiple nucleic acid targets, BioTechniques 52:316-324 (May 2012)


  1. CDx Partnerships: Keys to Success (Forum on Oncology Commercialization Strategies, Jan 2013)
  2. cMET: Simultaneous and Quantitative Analysis of Copy Number Variation and Gene Expression in a Single Reaction (Molecular Tri-Con 2013)
  3. Unique Platform & Partnership Model (Molecular Tri-Con 2013)
  4. A High Multiplex Open Platform Approach to Fusion Gene Test Development
  5. Applications Overview Presentation 2011


  1. STAR Multiplex QPCR based Platform for Gene Expression Analysis and Molecular Diagnostics Biomarkers 2005
  2. Development of a BCR-ABL RT-PCR assay using the ICEPlex Platform (AACC 2012)
  3. Development of a High Multiplex Respiratory Infectious Disease Detection Panel Using Next Generation qPCR Technology
  4. Using Next Generation qPCR Technology for Detection of Seven Different Sexually Transmitted Infectious Agents in One Reaction
  5. A Highly Specific & Sensitive Single-Well Multiplex KRAS/BRAF Mutation Assay
  6. Automated High Multiplex qPCR Platform for Rapid Detection of Fungal Pathogens (ASM 2012)
  7. Development of a BCR-ABL RT-PCR assay using the ICEPlex Platform
  8. Evaluation of a Multiplexed qPCR Assay for the Detection of BCR-ABL Fusion Transcripts on the ICEPlex System (AMP 2012)
  9. Molecular Profiling of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Subtypes on the ICEPlex System (AMP 2012)
  10. Molecular Subtype Characterization of FFPE DLBC Lymphoma Samples on the ICEPlex System (ASH 2012)
  11. Development and Evaluation of a Molecular Assay That Simultaneously Detects Six Yeast Pathogens in a Single Tube (AMP 2008)
  12. Clinical Evaluation of a Novel Multiplex Viral Load Assay for Transplant Patients (CVS 2008)
  13. ViraQuant: Development and evaluation of a quantitative multiplexed viral load assay for CMV, EBV, HHV6, HHV7, and BKV (AMP 2008)
  14. Clinical Utility of A Noval Multiplex Quantitative Viral Loads Assay for the Management of Transplant Patients (AMP 2008)
  15. Betaherpesviruses in Pediatric Organ Transplantation: A Longitudinal Evaluation (ATC 2009)
  16. Novel Automated Quantitative Multiplex Platform for Gene Expression Analysis in a Single Reaction Volume (EDRN 2009)
  17. Analytical Performance of ICEPlex: An Automated Platform for Simultaneous Detection and Quantification of Multiple DNA Targets (CVS 2010)
  18. Evaluation of ViraQuant: 5 Viruses Multiplex Assay Run on ICEPlex, an Automated Quantitative Multiplex PCR Platform (CVS 2010)
  19. Detection of Multiple Viruses and Investigation of Co-Infection Rate Using the Viraquant Multiplex Assay on the ICEPlex Analyzer (CVS 2010)
  20. Evaluation of the PrimeraDx Viraquant Assay and ICEPlex Multiplex Amplification System (CVS 2010)
  21. Using In-Reaction Standard Curves to Quantify Multiplexed qPCR Experiments
  22. ICEPlex®, an automated, high multiplex molecular analysis platform (Oakridge, 2011)