Advancing Molecular Diagnostics with
Revolutionary Technology

PrimeraDx’s proprietary STAR technology powers our ICEPlex System’s multiplexed, quantitative and cost-effective arrays. 

STAR technology can achieve very high levels of multiplexing of nucleic acid targets by combining the precision of quantitative PCR reactions with separation power of Capillary Electrophoresis. The ICEPlex system integrates PCR, CE, fluidics, detection and analysis software to provide excellent sensitivity and quantitation for densely multiplexed targets.

The ICEPlex system electrokinetically injects sampled molecules from the PCR reactions into the capillaries and runs electrophoresis in real-time. The labeled amplicons are separated by size and the dyes are excited one of two lasers within the system. 

Because the ICEPlex instrument has the ability to identify and follow amplicons by size during the reaction, there is no need to use more than two dyes and there is no need for excessive peak deconvolution. 

The system requires only 5-20 ng total Nucleic Acid per reaction, so that an unprecedented amount of information can be obtained from a relatively small amount of biological sample. 

Enabling High Multiplex Assays

STAR technology has been demonstrated to multiplex up to 60 targets in a single sample. It provides a quantitative answer and allows for mixed target type reactions, or multi-modal assays.   

Three Easy Automated Steps 

STAR technology performs three automated steps to achieve high multiplex qPCR:

  1. End-labeled PCR
  2. Injection to Capillary Electrophoresis
  3. Analysis providing a report of copy numbers (or Ct)
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