Maximize the Potential of Every Sample:
Enlist Multi-Modal Capabilities in the Fight Against Cancer


 Most cancer researchers are working with clinical samples that have only a limited amount of biological material. Yet current cancer research reveals that most malignancies are a complex mixture of genetic alterations that require multiple types of assays to characterize fully. These include point mutations (SNPs), copy number variability, insertions/deletions and losses of heterozygosity, as well as differences in expression and epigenetic changes such as methylation.

How can you address all of these complexities with such limited amounts of precious samples?

The multi-modal capabilities of the ICEPlex system allow you to get more information from each sample by combining diverse assays into a single well. Our ICEPlex system enables you to develop high multiplexed, multimodal, quantitative and qualitative assays and simultaneously interrogate dozens of biomarkers in the same reaction.

Supporting Your Clinical Research in Oncology

Oncology is a key focus area for PrimeraDx. ICEPlex allows you to combine a wide spectrum of assay types in a single test, including gene expression (mRNA), point mutations, Translocations, Methylation, miRNA, and fusion genes.

We can support your clinical research by:

  • Enabling you to develop your own biomarkers into a custom panel or Laboratory Defined Test, or 
  • Partnering with you to develop a Companion Diagnostic test to support development of therapeutic monitoring.

In 2013 PrimeraDx will introduce Research Use Only Kits, including c-Met, KRAS and BRAF.

Find out more about how we can help you advance your oncology research.