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Title:A Novel cMET and EGFR Copy Number Variation and cMET Gene Expression Profiling Single-Tube Assay (AACC 2013)Link:View PDFTitle:Development and Verification of a Multiplex SNP Assay for Detection of 13 cMET Mutations on the ICEPlex System in a Single Reaction (AACC 2013)Link:View PDFTitle:Highly Sensitive and Specific Single-Tube SNP Assay for Simultaneous Detection of NRAS and BRAF Mutations (AACC 2013)Link:View PDFTitle:Clinical Evaluation of a C. Difficile PCR Assay Based on Integrated Capillary Electrophoresis Method (Clinical Virology Symposium, 2013)Link:View PDFTitle:Evaluation of a Multiplexed qPCR Assay for the Detection of BCR-ABL Fusion Transcripts on the ICEPlex SystemLink:Download PDF.Title:Molecular Profiling of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Subtypes on the ICEPlex� SystemLink:Download PDF.Title:Molecular Subtype Characterization of Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Samples on the ICEPlex� SystemLink:Download PDF.Title:Development of a BCR-ABL RT-PCR assay using the ICEPlex Platform.Link:Download PDF.Title:Betaherpesviruses in Pediatric Organ Transplantation: A Longitudinal EvaluationLink:Download PDF.Title:STAR: Multiplexed Quantitative PCR-Based Platform for Gene Expression Analysis and Molecular DiagnosticsLink:Download PDF.Title:Clinical Evaluation of a Novel Multiplex Viral Load Assay for Transplant PatientsLink:Download PDF.Title:Evaluation of ViraQuant�: 5 Viruses Multiplex Assay Run on ICEPlex�, an Automated Quantative Multiplex PCR PlatformLink:Download PDF.Title:Clinical Utility of A Noval Multiplex Quantitative Viral Loads Assay for the Management of Transplant PatientsLink:Download PDF.Title:Detection of Multiple Viruses and Investigation of Co-infection Rate Using the Viraquant� Multiplex Assay on the ICEPlex� AnalyzerLink:Download PDF.Title:Development and Evaluation of a Molecular Assay That Simultaneously Detects Six Yeast Pathogens in a Single Tube: C. albicans, C. glabrata, C. krusei, C. tropicalis, C. parapsilosis and C. neoformans.Link:Download PDF.Title:Automated High Multiplex qPCR Platform for Rapid Detection of Fungal PathogensLink:Download PDF.Title:Analytical Perfromance of ICEPlex�: An automated platform for simultaneous detection and quantification of multiple DNA targetsLink:Download PDF.Title:A Highly Specific & Sensitive Single-Well Multiplex KRAS/BRAF Mutation AssayLink:Download PDF.Title:Novel Automated Quantitative Multiplex Platform for Gene Expression Analysis in a Single Reaction VolumeLink:Download PDF.Title:ICEPlex�, an automated, high multiplex molecular analysis platformLink:Download PDF.Title:Development of a High Multiplex Respiratory Infectious Disease Detection Panel Using Next Generation qPCR TechnologyLink:Download PDF.Title:Using Next Generation qPCR Technology for Detection of Seven Different Sexually Transmitted Infectious Agents in One ReactionLink:Download PDF.Title:Using In-Reaction Standard Curves to Quantify Multiplexed qPCR ExperimentsLink:Download PDF.Title:ViraQuant: Development and evaluation of a quantitative multiplexed viral load assay for CMV, EBV, HHV6, HHV7, and BKVLink:Download PDF.Title:ViraQuant�: Development and evaluation of a quantitative multiplexed viral load assay for CMV, EBV, HHV6, HHV7, and BKVLink:Download PDF.


Title:Overcoming the Challenges of Complex Cancers in Companion DiagnosticsLink:View PDFTitle:CDx Partnerships: Keys to Success (Forum on Oncology Commercialization Strategies, Jan 2013)Link:Download PDF.Title:Unique Platform & Partnership Model (Molecular Tri-Con 2013)Link:Download PDF.Title:cMET: Simultaneous and Quantitative Analysis of Copy Number Variation and Gene Expression in a Single Reaction (Molecular Tri-Con 2013)Link:Download PDF.Title:A High Multiplex Open Platform Approach to Fusion Gene Test DevelopmentLink:Download PDF.Title:PrimeraDx Technology OverviewLink:Download PDF.Title:cMET: Simultaneous and Quantitative Analysis of Copy Number Variation and Gene Expression in a Single Reaction (DNA and Genome Day-2013, Nanjing, ChinaLink:Download pdf.


Title:Scalable Transcriptional Analysis Routine Multiplexed Q_PCR Platform for Gene Expression Analysis and Molecular Diagnostics. J Mol Diag 7_444_2005Link:Download PDFTitle:Multiplex PCR and Emerging Technologies for the Detection of Respiratory Pathogens Clin Infect Dis. (2011) 52(suppl 4): S326-S330Link:ViewTitle:Automated high multiplex qPCR platform for simultaneous detection and quantification of multiple nucleic acid targets. BioTechniques 52:316-324 (May 2012)Link:Download PDF.

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Title:American Association for Clinical ChemistryLink:Visit site.Title:American Association for Cancer ResearchLink:Visit site.Title:Pan American Society for Clinical VirologyLink:Visit site.Title:American Society for Clinical OncologyLink:Visit site.Title:American Society for MicrobiologyLink:Visit site.Title:American Society of HematologyLink:Visit site.Title:National Institutes of HealthLink:Visit site.Title:U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationLink:Visit site.Title:Centers for Disease Control and PreventionLink:Visit site.Title:Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)Link:View.Title:FDA Companion Diagnostics GuidanceLink:ViewTitle:FDA Guidance Document for Multiplex InstrumentLink:View.Title:FDA Guidance Document for combined functionsLink:View.Title:FDA Guidance Document for Assay Migration StudiesLink:View.

Application Briefs

Title:Multiplex Fungal PanelLink:View PDFTitle:Clostridium difficile PanelLink:View PDFTitle:NRAS/BRAF Point Mutation Analysis Panel (AACC 2013)Link:View PDFTitle:cMET/EGFR Copy Number Variation and cMET Gene Expression PanelLink:View PDFTitle:cMET Point Mutation Analysis PanelLink:View PDFTitle:Transplant Viral PanelLink:View PDFTitle:Women�s Health STI PanelLink:View PDFTitle:KRAS/BRAF Point Mutation Analysis PanelLink:View PDFTitle:Oncology OverviewLink:View PDFTitle:Infectious Disease OverviewLink:View PDF