Software That Does Most of the Work, So You Don’t Have To 

The ICEPlex system software is designed to automatically run the instrument, and keep the instrument ready for the next run. The user creates a plate map using the touch screen and sets up the PCR reactions then simply starts the run. The software takes it from there!

At the top of each window in the on-board software there will always be three system navigation icons (see below). The icons represent three main software sections: Run Set Up, System Status and Settings.

In the Run Set Up window the user will define the wells of the sample plate (e.g. test sample, no sample control, etc.), select the assay and corresponding protocol from a drop-down list, and start the run.

The Run Status is shown in the System window. The Run Status page provides status information about the current run, the onboard consumables, and instrument messages.

In the Settings window the user will be able to change key settings in the “Open Platform” mode.

The Data Analysis module in the “Open Platform mode” allows users to view the results as Amplification curves, Electropherograms, in a 2-D capillary electrophoresis gel view, or in a data table.  In the "IVD mode", only a results report is compiled.