An Innovative Platform For Clinical Researchers

Complex Single-Well Reactions

Use Less Sample. Get More Results.

PrimeraDx’s ICEPlex System is an open platform that allows clinical researchers to easily design their own assays. Using the ICEPlex System’s suite of tools, researchers have designed assays to detect and quantify:

  • mRNA
  • miRNA
  • Pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi)
  • Methylation status
  • Fusion genes
  • Copy Number Variation
  • SNPs

The ICEPlex System is the first commercially available platform to allow quantitative multimodal analysis.

Complex Challenges. Simple, Precise Solutions.

Clinicians are asking more complex questions, but are looking for precise, robust and simple solutions. Being able to detect all variants of a chromosomal translocation event in one well is powerful, but having the ability to add assays against gain-of-function SNPs is truly unheard of.

A Range of Applications

The ICEPlex System can run a broad range of applications. From SNP detection to gene expression to multi-modal analysis; from pathogen detection to clinical cancer research, and more. 

Learn more about the application capabilities of the ICEPlex System.