Frequently Asked Questions 

Using the ICEPlex System 

How many runs can I perform on the ICEPlex cartridge?

The ICEPlex cartridge stays on the ICEPlex system between runs and is good for 15 runs where each run consists of 10-12 CE separations.

How often do I need to replace the consumables on ICEPlex system?

The Software on the ICEPlex system monitors the usage, expiration dates and levels of the consumables and indicates when they need to be replaced. A new run on the ICEPlex system is initialized after the system confirms that there is sufficient amount of the each consumable.

Do I need to decontaminate/clean the cartridge between the runs?

The ICEPlex system automatically decontaminates the capillaries of the ICEPlex cartridge between runs.

Are there any manual steps during the ICEPlex run? Do I have to intervene during the run?

The ICEPlex system is a fully automated, “walk-away” system. Once the reagents, PCR reactions and capillary electrophoresis plate are installed on the system, the user initializes/starts the run and the ICEPlex performs all the steps automatically.

How are the results from the assays reported?

At the end of the run, the ICEPlex system generates a Results report. The results from the real-time PCR run can be reported as Ct (cycle threshold), copies per reaction (cps/rx), copies per milliliter (cps/mL) or as relative units (expression level of mutated vs. normal gene) depending on the types of targets and PCR assay.

How does the system determine the sizes/lengths of the different PCR targets?

The Calbritrator kit, provided by PrimeraDx, contains 3 different size markers/standards (between 100 and 250 base pairs, labeled with FAM- and TYE- dyes) that are identified in each CE separation and are used to determine the sizes of the unknown PCR targets.

What is largest size amplicon/PCR product that can be detected on the ICEPlex system?

We are able to demonstrate that in the current configuration the ICEPlex system could separate targets up to 3 kb.